How PCOS is handle arround the Globe ? What is good, what’s need to be improve, and what is lacking?


PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a condition that affects women’s hormonal balance and reproductive health. The way PCOS is handled around the globe varies, with some countries having better resources and support than others.

In terms of what is good, there are countries that have established specialized clinics and programs dedicated to PCOS management. These clinics provide comprehensive care, including medical treatments, lifestyle interventions, and psychological support. Additionally, some countries have implemented awareness campaigns to educate women and healthcare professionals about PCOS, which helps in early detection and timely interventions.

However, there are areas that need improvement. Access to PCOS diagnosis and treatment can still be limited in many countries, particularly in low-income regions. This leads to delays in diagnosis and inadequate management of the condition. Additionally, the availability of PCOS-specific medications and healthcare professionals trained in PCOS management may be lacking in certain areas.

To address these challenges, it is crucial to prioritize the following actions:

  1. Increase awareness: Launch awareness campaigns to educate the general public, healthcare professionals, and policymakers about PCOS, its symptoms, and the importance of early detection and management.
  2. Improve access to diagnosis and treatment: Establish more clinics and facilities that specialize in PCOS management, particularly in underserved areas. This includes ensuring availability of PCOS-specific medications and trained healthcare professionals.
  3. Enhance research and collaboration: Encourage research on PCOS to better understand its causes, risk factors, and effective treatment approaches. Foster collaboration between researchers, healthcare providers, and patient advocacy groups to share knowledge and best practices.
  4. Provide comprehensive care: Develop holistic care models that address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of PCOS. This includes offering support groups, counseling services, and lifestyle interventions such as nutrition and exercise programs.

By implementing these actions, we can work towards improving PCOS management globally and ensuring that women with PCOS receive the care and support they need to lead healthy lives.

How will PCOS Think tank work ?

Our Think Tank aims to bring together experts and enthusiasts from across the globe to exchange knowledge and experiences about PCOS management in different countries. It’s an opportunity to discuss what’s working, identify areas for improvement, and highlight the gaps in current practices. This global collaboration will culminate in the creation of a comprehensive fact sheet, guiding us in implementing the necessary actions to make a real difference.

Here’s how we envision the Think Tank functioning:

  1. Remote Collaboration: Utilizing our digital platform and virtual meetings, the Think Tank offers a flexible and accessible environment for members worldwide. You will have an early access to the result of the think tank.
  2. Membership Enrolment: Participation in the Think Tank requires joining the FTC Network. Our annual membership starts at 350€ (excluding tax) and varies based on company size. This membership not only grants you access to the Think Tank but also connects you with a broader network of professionals dedicated to advancing women’s health. Your membership will be activated for a year, and you’ll have access to free webinars, our partner club with a range of services negotiated at a special rate, access to all FTC Network members.
  3. Community Impact: A unique aspect of our Think Tank is that 5% of the membership fees will be allocated to fund projects addressing key issues identified by the Think Tank. This gives our members a direct role in driving change, as they will vote on which projects receive this support.


When the Think Tank will start ? 

The PCOS Think Tank is set to commence on April 1st, 2024, and we’re eager to have diverse and insightful contributions from professionals like yourself. It’s not just about discussing PCOS; it’s about shaping the future of PCOS care and support.


How can I register ? 

You can set your account to our FTC Network, oonce payment proceed, your will be activated. Your membership to FTC network will be active for a year, and you’ll get access to :

  1. Free training webinars about doing business in women health sector, tech or medical training. All event list is available here
  2. Our digital Platform to connect directly with your peers arround the globe : exchange about your practice for a better hollistic approach !
  3. Our E-Coffee to really TALK to others members
  4. A list of partner selected and pre-vetted by our service, so you know they are serious and competent !


How will it be organized ? 

Our Think Tank will have bi-monthly digital meeting. We aim to have 200 participants, all other the world.

You will be affected to a group that will be in your time-zone, and have 45 minutes meetings with them to talk about how is handle PCOS in your country.  Fem Tech Connect team will be present to produce all necessary materials from your conversation. You could also ask us to set  up action necessaries to the good functioning of the think tank (Quick studies, addicitonals meetings, ect…)


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        STAY TUNED and SUBSCRIBE to our MONTHLY (and only) Newsletter :

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